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Forum Ranking Requests

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Forum Ranking Requests

Post by NotSoCrazyGamer on Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:14 pm

To view the forum ranking system, please click here
To apply for a forum rank then please follow these instructions:

1. Create a new thread in "Forum Ranking" (the same forum that this thread is in) and name the subject "[Your forum username here] Rank Request"

2. Copy and past everything below (below in the spoiler) and fill in blanks

Forum Username:


YouTube and/or Twitch usernames:

YouTube channel url:

Twitch channel url:

What is the capital of France?:

When the request has been viewed, the moderator/administrator will change the subject and add on "[Approved]" or "[Denied]" to signify if you have been successful or not. Staff should also leave a reply with the reason for denial.


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