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Forum User Ranking System

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Forum User Ranking System

Post by NotSoCrazyGamer on Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:55 pm

Forum Ranking System

You may be looking through the forum and coming across users with different forum ranking (below their names). Here is a list of forum ranking and how to achieve them:

Rank | Special Rank | Achieve by

Admin | Yes | Administrators only

Founder | Yes | Founder of forum only

Moderator | Yes | Moderators only

Donator | Yes | Donate

Official | Yes | Can only be achieved if this person has or more than 500 subscribers on YouTube or 500 followers or more on Twitch.

New Human | No | 0 Posts

Regular Specimen | No | 10 Posts

Must love this forum! | No | 50 Posts

Your Inspiration | No | 100 Posts

Special Rank = Rank that can only be given my a Moderator or Administrator

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